Friday, August 2, 2013

We Are Who We Are

(This is my Little Book Warrior.)

Maybe the aim is to be, not perfect, but really here.

That’s an insight that just flashed on, having to do with the challenges of being a writer, but I think it applies universally.  And so I share.


Just now, I remembered playing Work, or maybe Office, as a little kid.  This found me in the basement, in the little cave under the mini pool table, where I’d pulled an oversized stuffed turtle, much bigger than me, who took up most of the room and I’d lay back against like an office chair, as I made some calls on my plastic bell-ringing rotary phone and wrote looping rows of scribble, filling page after page, front and back, anything I could write on.  A lot of my games involved me busily writing my important looping rows, sometimes including artwork and informational illustrations. 

Aside from the phone part, that’s pretty accurate about what my life’s work is about.  Even before I knew how to write words, I was acting out my future self and occupation.  It’s cool to see what being a writer looked like to a me who hadn’t yet learned her alphabet.  :)     

The playing part is essential, throughout it all.  Good point, Little Me.   


callista said...

Thadisat was great! I loved your "little you" story

Any pagan... magic or witchy info advice or mentor volunteer s welcome I have been reading for many years but my ADD and learning disabilities keep me struggling but Ihaent gave up yet my mind may struggle but my heart and spirit knows where we belong :-)

realbigwings said...

Thanks, Callista!

It's amazing, the powers of our hearts and spirits to guide us toward a meaningful life. Wishing you blessings on your unfolding journey.