Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Unexpected Poetry That's Blowing My Mind:

If you gaze up at the night sky, you’re seeing stars
that are millions of light years away, meaning
it took the light from those stars
millions of years to get here. 
So if you look far enough,
you should be able to see the beginning of the universe…

All we know is that from
what may have been nothing
we go to a state of almost infinite density
and infinite temperature and infinite violence…

At the dawn of time, the universe explodes
into existence from absolutely nothing
into everything. 
But everything is actually a single point,
infinitely small, unimaginably hot,
a super dense speck of energy…

The Big Bang was so immense
that it brought into existence all of the mass
and all of the energy contained
in all of the 400 billion galaxies
we see in the universe
in a region smaller than the size
of a single atom…

It's not even matter yet, just the point
of raging energy.
It was the beginning
of the universe and everything in it.
Everything was simple.
All the forces that we know about today
were one and the same.
The universe was amorphous; it had no structure.

In that instant of creation, all the laws of physics,
the very forces that engineer our universe,
began to take shape.
The first force to emerge was gravity.
The fate of the universe,
its size, structure, and everything in it
was decided in that moment.

(From: The Discovery Channel’s “How the Universe Works,” 
  Season 1, Episode 1: Big Bang)

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