Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sky Scrying the Cloud Dramas

Rabbit in the sky, quickly sliding west
fading from view, fraying

A kneeling baby plays a joystick video game,
his head slowly lifting away

(The aspens keep applauding)

A goat, and a very small dog facing backwards

A long-legged pig riding a cow’s back

A cartoon dog on the back of a short, yelling umpire
next to a horizontal windsock, blown straight back

A dancing praying mantis that
instantly becomes long-horned oryx

Now a leaping salmon, arched with singular, facing-death effort

Now 1 of 2 eyebrows of a gentle Buddha, subtly sketched

A unicorn’s horn flies solo, propelled by the break

A woman swims quickly after a guiding shrimp,
her body part of the waves, obviously a goddess

(A cricket sings in a deep metal jar lying sideways,
accompanied by reverb)

(When I look down at my page, a bright orange
sunset fills my periphery,
Which greets me with a dim evening blue
when I look for the brightness, as if saying “What?”)

(Sunset in my mind.)

The Great Dragon of Evening slides into view,
long eyebrows streaming

His body ripples like mountains, like ocean waves and valleys.

A small rocket rides above him, caught up in his wake

Great Dragon of Evening
Two prairie dogs stand on his head, in greeting

Now his mouth is huge and they are gone

A dark smoke heart rides above him,
with a rocket going through its center

Now the heart’s moved on

The dragon faces east now

The rocket is the face of a horse running exuberantly,
freed from his horn

Now it’s all vanished and only a tiny floating cat watches,
like he’s pulled the curtain, and I can tell it’s time to go in.

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